Six continents in ten months!  For much of 2014 and 2015, I shared a family sabbatical with my wife, son, and daughter.  As we journeyed around the world, I learned that I am at home while traveling.

One day, months into our round-the-world trip, our daughter asked, “Mom and Dad, where is our home?”  My wife replied, “Home is wherever we are together.”  I added, “So, we are at home traveling.”

During Summer 2019, just before our son left for college, we took another round-the-world trip.  This one was shorter — six weeks rather than ten months — but it also was filled with adventures, challenges, wonderful people, and life-changing experiences.

I love traveling because I am open to new experiences, new people, new possibilities.  When traveling, I pay attention more carefully and live more intentionally.

Now, I am at home.  My attention has been focused on generating income and supporting an active family at school events, sports games, and community activities.  My posts have slowed — stopped, actually — but my thoughts about traveling have continued.

Although our round-the-world trips are over (for now, at least!), I want to live like I do when traveling:  fully alive, attentive to experiences, and open to people.

I live in a beautiful part of the world:  The Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida.  In this blog, I describe experiences and lessons I am learning while I am at home traveling.


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