First Day in Brazil

We arrived in Brazil late on Tuesday, August 12, made our way to our hostel, and got to sleep a bit after midnight. The city of Manaus was quiet as we rode from the airport, passing the futbol stadium where World Cup games were played just a few weeks ago.

This morning, the city was alive and active. After breakfast, we walked around town with shopkeepers opening their stalls, uniformed children making their way to school, and commuters going to work on city buses.

Now, taking a break from the afternoon heat, we are resting before venturing out again to find food for dinner.

A very good day.

Tomorrow, we depart for our Amazon tour.



7 thoughts on “First Day in Brazil

  1. Jason Loscuito

    I am glad to know that you all made it to Brazil and are settling in. New students are arriving at Converse and settling in for their new adventure as well. Take care friends and we look forward to reading more from you in the coming days.


  2. Allison Millwood

    I am really enjoying hearing about your travels. Your journey is one people only dream about, so I am proud you’re in touch with your adventurous side, and teaching your children to embrace the cultures of others. I wish you, Lisa, Jonathan, and Rachel safe travels, loads of laughs, and many opportunities to make lasting memories. Love to each of you!!



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