Birthday in Nazareth

I celebrated my birthday with my family — my wife, son, daughter, mother, and father — in Nazareth. Like most Christian pilgrims, I was drawn to this place because it was the home town of Jesus.  According to Roman Catholic tradition, Mary received word that she would bear the Christ child in Nazareth, The current church building was constructed above the Grotto of the Annunciation, the site believed to be Mary’s home.

Grotto of the Annunciation

Grotto of the Annunciation

I was moved deeply to journey down to the grotto along with other pilgrims. It was a reminder of the depth, breadth, and width of faithful people following in the footsteps of other faithful ones who have gone before us.

Later in the day, after a delicious supper, we stopped by a bakery to find a birthday cake. We met Danny and Bashar, the father-and-son team that had baked the delicious treats that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was delighted to talk with these two wonderful bakers and even better people. Danny and Bashar

All of this made for a great day. I spent time with the people I love most. I journeyed to one of the most important places in my faith tradition. I met people from a different place with whom I shared great conversation. And, I created memories that will last a lifetime. A happy birthday, indeed!

6 thoughts on “Birthday in Nazareth

  1. Patty Etheredge

    Dot gave me your blog address, and I am enjoying the latest posts, especially from Israel since I was there in summer 2013. What a wonderful place to spend your birthday! Belated birthday wishes, Patty Etheredge


  2. Eric, Lisa, Daniel and Nic Luedeman

    We just wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday, Dean, and to tell you we think of and pray for your family often. We have enjoyed reading your blog entries out loud to the boys, and they are fascinated with your journey, as are we (Eric and Lisa). We miss you, but we are so happy that you have the opportunity to make such wonderful memories for your family. We wish you continued safe travels. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.



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